So I’ve added a fresh new lick of paint to the place. Instead of Insert Controller being a brand name as it has been since it’s conception back in 2010 on the old BlogSpot thingy, it’s new an outlet using my own brand name as I plan to represent a little bit of everything I do through this little blog.

So, what will we be seeing uploaded to this site? Good question! I plan to add stuff like my voice over clips that I will be recording once I have moved into my new place soon. I will also be posting images of any art stuff that I make including miniature stuff, 3D printing, drawings, and graphic design work. Music projects will also be uploaded here along with details about what I did, my inspirations, and so on and so forth.

I’m using the moving of the house as the start of changing my life. I’ve gradually become more reclusive and have stopped most of my creative endeavors which is bumming me out. But as Bob Dylan once wrote, “for the times they are a-changing.”

As I have taken this space to once again be an output for me, I will also be revitalizing my Twitch and YouTube channels to reflect upon this change and returning to each platform respectively.

Peace out, homies.

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