The move…

There has been a huge uncertainty blowing around inside my mind for the past month or so about where I will be living in the near future.

I was handed my notice from my landlord and given two months to move 22 years of life out of my house, but the biggest issue was finding a place to move. Luckily, we found a place to move to relatively fast but the whole process of getting to this point has been long. Very long.

Today we finally received confirmation that we can move and it is looking to be from this coming Friday. We’re super psyched but there is an overbearing shadow of gloom as this place has been our home for 22 years. That’s not something you can just shake off. However, the biggest worry in all of this is the moving process. As you can imagine, 22 years is a long time, a long enough time to accumulate a ton of stuff that you’ve probably forgotten all about that is stored in the darkest corner of the house. Naturally, a lot of junk will be thrown away, but for the time being, we are prioritizing the transport of literally everything before we begin to dig through the junk and throw out what we no longer want.

A big deal for me is moving my game collection. I’ve been building on it for a solid two years now, going from around 100 physical games to nearly 800, along with roughly two of every mainstream console from Nintendo, Sega, Sony, and Microsoft. It’s very daunting. I will be documenting the process to the best of my ability and photos will be going up on my Twitter account of the packing and unpacking of everything, so if that is something you’re interested in seeing then follow me!

In the meantime, I will also be trying to keep regular posts on here with a gallery, possibly.

There is a long road ahead, a bumpy road given the current pandemic sweeping our beautiful planet.

Stay safe, stay happy.

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