I’m aching and sore…

I knew moving houses would be hard but I wasn’t expecting it to be this taxing on the body. I only got my keys on Friday and immediately began getting stuff into the new house, including my fridge, freezer, and washing machine. My game collection is currently there along with around 80% of my console collection. I still have my PC, desk, and furniture to go from my own stuff, and then I have all of my mother’s stuff to take along with the stuff in the attic.

It’s looking great though. I can’t wait to have it all over and done with because setting up my office and game room is high on my priority list, plus, I can’t wait to declutter and get rid of a lot of junk that I have been accumulating over the years.

A fresh home, a fresh start, and a new way of life for me.

The anticipation is killing me… I need to hurry up before my body gives up because I have aches in muscles I didn’t even know I had.

Photos of the new rooms will be posted here and on my Twitter.

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