My move to Android – A Long Time iOS User Converts to the Lil’ Green Roboto

Anyone that knows me personally or as an internet friend will know that I stand firmly on the fence with most things. Especially technology. I’ve got PCs and Macs, I have PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. But one thing I didn’t have both options for was my phone and tablet. I have been an Apple user for my phone and tablet for a long time.

I bought the iPhone XS Max on release and I have an iPad (2019) with an Apple Pencil, and also an AppleWatch as my wearable, and I didn’t think that would ever change. I was happy with where I was on the iOS ship, but the tides turned and the ship didn’t feel right to ride.

I was unsure about moving from iOS, so I bought a budget Android phone. I went for a Motorola G8 Power and I really enjoyed the experience, well, except for the camera. I planned to just test the waters with Android but I found that when I swapped my SIM card back into my iPhone that it was shortlived. I carried my iPhone with me even though I wasn’t using it simply for the camera, but even still I used the terrible camera on my Moto G8 Power, primarily because anything I snapped I would typically upload to Twitter or Instagram straight away.

The camera was just so bad that I was tempted to move back to my iPhone but I just couldn’t, I felt compelled to stay on the green side. I was going through some serious turmoil.

An opportunity arose that I just could pass up and I round up receiving a Samsung Galaxy S10+. This was it. I had everything I needed in an Android phone. I reset the Moto G8 Power and sold it on. I turned the iPhone off and put it in a drawer, and I haven’t looked back since.

It has been one month since I received the S10+ and I am super happy with it. I have a heavily customised launcher, the always-on display which is something I feel iOS definitely needs, and I am comfortable with my experience.

What caused me to turn sides? I was given access to the developer beta of iOS 14 from a friend, and while I found it different, I wasn’t happy with it. The widgets can be useful but are very broken and lacking. I do not like the new App Library feature at all as it feels like a sub-home screen on the home screen and it feels pointless. The issues with iOS extend into macOS Big Sur. As a matter of fact, I cannot stand Big Sur and after a week I had formatted my SSD and reinstalled Mojave.

Big Sur feels like some kind of Linux distro. I hate that the icons next to the clock have such a huge amount of padding between them. The icons feel like a graphic designer’s first project. The entire feeling of Big Sur feels off overall.

I guess what I mean to say is that I don’t like the direction that Apple is going with their new software, and the fact that Android is still as open as ever, and honestly, it’s in it’s the finest form yet.

Will I ever go back to the iPhone? I don’t know. I’m enjoying the feel of Android, especially on a premium device. I could go further with this discussion. A lot of the points were glossed over, and there’s much more I could talk about, but I will ask you to comment below, or Tweet at me, or start a discussion on my Discord server.

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