I may have been Corona’d…

Since this whole Covid-19 thing kicked off I have been very careful to protect myself and others from it. Last night however, I began showing symptoms.

I’m really frustrated. I have had to self-isolate which means that I can’t go to work, and I have had to go and get tested. Don’t get me wrong, I will do anything to prevent this thing from spreading between me and my immediate family and friends. I have taken so much care…

I got home from work last night, had food, and settled in for the night for some gaming. About an hour later my first symptom, a heavy cough, started which I thoroughly believe/hope is nothing more than a cold. Fast forward to this morning and I wake with the same cough, I feel like I’ve been run over by a train, and my first, most beloved cup of the coffee didn’t really taste of anything. It tasted more like a cup of warm water.

I went to take a Covid-19 test at my local center which was self-administered. I am to self-isolate whilst I wait for my results.

I can’t believe I may have been compromised. I must’ve let my guard down at some point.

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