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Gary and his Demons


Anyone who knows me will know that I am a huge fan of cartoons and animation, and I will watch anything that someone will recommend to me and anything else that catches my eye. Today, Gary and his Demons caught my eye purely from a clip from the first episode and I just had to find this series.

Gary and his Demons is a series centered around, well, Gary and his demons. More specifically, a guy who is “the chosen one” who works for an organization centered around the removal of demons from society by any means necessary. Gary is a middle-aged, balding, and downtrodden guy who feels trapped by his job and is looking to seize any opportunity to relive his life, despite his job calling him back to the cause.

The series has been surprising to me as I wasn’t really expecting much from it other than a few laughs, but honestly, I was hooked after the first few episodes.

The Story

From the very opening of the first episode, we are met with Gary leading us on one of his adventures to slay a demon. This first interaction teaches a lot about Gary in that he is good at his job, yet somehow also inept and doubts a lot of his choices, as he tracks down his enemy. After doing his deed he is returned to his office only to find that his retirement isn’t going as planned, causing him to spiral out of control alongside his new partner who is definitely too happy to be at work.

Throughout the story, it is seen that demons are just an everyday occurrence within the show’s universe. People can appear somewhat nonchalant about demons running past them and there is no kind of coverups done to hide the fact. In one episode Gary and his boss Leslie even go on a recruitment drive to the school in hopes to rustle up some new staff. This whole fact is something that just tickles me. It’s like how the future is depicted to have humans and aliens living together in peace, and it’s just charming to me, albeit not a very peaceful coexistence.

Now from this point of this segment, I will be diving into spoiler territory, so please skip ahead to the next segment.


Continuing into the first episode we see that Gary is becoming unstable because he just wants a simple life after 30 years on the job, and 20 years since his fiance died. As he drinks away his sorrows he goes into the bathroom to end it all using his partner’s gun when he has a vision that prevents him from doing so, and instead, he heads off to save his partner. Skipping ahead to the third episode, we discover what actually happened to his fiance after the demon-killing duo takes down another creature of the damned, leading us on a story told through flashbacks and cheesy finisher lines.

Gary has a dark past, but what is he like now? Well after averting his own suicide, Gary carries on his duties as the chosen one and seeing the wrong in his ways as he tries to keep his life on the rails the only he knows how to, leading him to get himself and his boss tased by the cops, getting emotionally attached to a hero lion demon, becoming a teenager again, getting his brother seduced by a succubus, and infecting his partner with demon toxins, along with much more.


The Animation

The animation was what I was originally doubtful of. It’s basic. The animation is akin to what you would find in early online animations that you would find on New Grounds way back in that day. It’s budget effective animation, but still really well done. The thing about it is that it feels a little bit clunky at first but you get used to it and it isn’t distracting, and that it gets a boost when needed like in fight scenes and crucial moments. Some scenes feel like there can be nothing moving but the character’s mouths and eyes, but honestly, it shows that you can have a great story without unneeded animations going on in the scene.

If you’re the type of person that watches the cartoons for the animation, this may not be the show for you.

The Characters

As I mentioned earlier, each character is unique and they all have their own place in the story which is shown off rather nicely throughout the show.

There are a lot of loveable and fun characters with their own stories that help distract from Gary’s tragic back story throughout the episodes, which I find helps keep the story flowing quite well.

Leslie is a cheery lady and the one in charge of the Demon Ministry. She is trying to put her divorce behind her whilst keeping the ministry working.

Gary’s partner, Hanley, who caused Bloody Mary to kill his childhood friends at a sleepover leading him to work at the ministry. He’s a loveable big guy who is the polar opposite to Gary, sort of the good cop to his bad cop.

Bloody Mary who is trying her hand at human life, putting her demon lifestyle behind her unless called upon by Gary or an unsuspecting bystander seeing if the legend is true. She now acts as an informant for the Demon Ministry.

There are other characters that help demonstrate why Gary is the way he is through revealing parts of their past, and others that just make for really fun side stories in some of the episodes. However, the list of characters is actually a small list, but I find it benefits from having fewer characters as the series allows us to learn more about the characters we currently have, leading to newer characters along the way in what I hope will be a series 2.


Whilst I have enjoyed watching Gary and his Demons, I do see influence from other shows, however, the influences aren’t obvious. I just can’t shake the feeling that Gary sounds too much like Rick from Rick and Morty. I’m sure just watching a clip of the show, you will agree. Some of Gary’s mannerisms are similar to Rick also, but he doesn’t have as much of an in your face attitude. I find the humor to be good although I only seem to have one good laugh per episode. The story can feel a little predictable at times, and the times where it is unpredictable are honestly where the comedy comes in.

I must say that I have enjoyed watching Gary and his Demons, but it’s not a show I will rave about. It’s fun, and something a little different to what is currently on offer at the moment. I will admit that I wouldn’t mind seeing a season 2, but it also wouldn’t surprise me if VRV were to officially announce it’s cancellation considering it has been out for almost two years and it feels like not many people really know of its existence.

I would recommend it if comedy and tragic storytelling based around demon-slaying sounds appealing to you. It appealed to me as a fan of cartoon animation, so maybe it will appeal to you too. It’s definitely worth the watch if you’re looking for something that isn’t too intensive. It’s great as a background show whilst you’re doing something else in my opinion and served me well as a distraction and it was worthy of me writing about it which definitely says I enjoyed it.


WANTED Dead or Alive – My review of Red Dead Redemption

We all loved Rockstar’s famed Grand Theft Auto series; open-worlds filled with people, cars and let’s not forget hookers who give refunds the hard way. Now one day some guy called Josh Needleman walked into Rockstar HQ and decided he wanted to take the GTA series and scale it back a hundred years or so, an thus in 2004, gave birth to Red Dead Revolver, the first game in the Red Dead series. In 2009 Rockstar officially announced a sequel to the western themed, open-world sandbox titled Red Dead Redemption. Continue reading

Zone of the Enders HD Collection


A couple of years back I had posted an article on the old BlogSpot version of Insert Controller. The article was about the speculation of there being a Metal Gear Solid HD remake, and in the article I mentioned a few titles I would have liked to have their own, amongst them was Zone of the Enders.

One day whilst checking my email I had seen that I had a tracked update from Game Spot with news regarding Zone of the Enders, I was curious so I clicked it and had a read. With much surprise and all those gooey, joyous feelings I’d read that Konami had announced the Zone of the Enders HD collection for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Continue reading

Kicking Ass On Stygia! – My review of BulletStorm

BulletStorm 200x200From the depths of Stygia I bring you my latest review, Profanity! Woops, I mean BulletStorm! Yes, the game that had all of us kicking our enemies into deadly structures and talking about killing penises. BulletStorm has been in my collection now since my birthday last year, only I’ve not given it a proper try, yet while skimming through the spines of my collection I noticed this games title glowing amongst the rest, it appealed to everything I wanted from a game at that moment, so in my Xbox it went.

So if like me, you completely overlooked BulletStorm, you’ll not know much about it. This is where I come in! Continue reading

A Video Game Unlike Any Other. Hardwar.

hardwar-box-coverHardwar was released in 1998 and was developed by a British game studio called Software Refinery which was based in Leeds, Yorkshire, published by Gremlin Interactive. Some of the graphics in the game were developed by The Designers Republic who also worked on another of my favourite games, Wipeout. The soundtrack in Hardwar is one of my favourite with artists under the Warp Records recording label based in Sheffield; I think it’s fair to say that Hardwar is basically a game from Yorkshire. Hardwar was actually a huge success but unfortunately in 2002 Software Refinery went into liquidation, to make matters worse is there is no chance at an official sequel to Hardwar and the no one knows who owns the source code so nobody can buy it, to add the icing to the cake, the original team have gone their separate ways, the only member was one Ian Martin who has somehow vanished off of the face of the earth, but at least he managed to squeeze out a couple of unofficial updates before he left, these updates have changed up the game, giving it new graphics, improved textures and allot of new stuff making the game a whole lot better while also taking it from its old look and making it seem more fresh. Continue reading

They’re coming! I’m gone. – My review of Killing Floor.

killing-floor-boxart2009 bore witness to the release of many good first-person shooters, though like usual there are always titles that get overlooked. With movies, television and every other form of media dipping there filthy hands into the zombie genre, video games couldn’t help but dip their pinkie fingers in for a little taste. Roughly fifteen titles were released but one in particular had taken a huge step forward in its own very special way. Killing Floor. Continue reading

Too Much Too Fast? – My review of Assassin’s Creed III

420809_10150595213037950_97737872949_9207441_209231097_n-noscaleFor a couple of months I’ve owned Assassin’s Creed III and it has taken me until now to play it. I figured that it would be hard for Ubisoft to produce another Assassin’s Creed game that could surpass the likes of two through Revelations. I finally decided to give it a go and provide all of you my public display of affection, so here is my review of Assassin’s Creed III.

I found myself confused upon starting Assassin’s Creed III, why did Desmond look different? Where are they going now and how is this continuing from Revelations? There was allot of questions that were being thrown around and I wasn’t sure if I was going to get any answers. I supposed that all questions were to be answered as I progressed through the game.

I had a lot to learn. Continue reading


250px-RC_Pro_Am_coverToday is turn for Insert-Controller’s first ever retro review and it’s not going to be the usual retro games like Super Mario Bros. Or Legend of Zelda, more like the isometric racer, RC Pro AM.

RC Pro AM is a competitive combat racer developed by Rare Ltd in 1988 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Family Computer (Famicom), the game was published by Nintendo and was ported to Gameboy in 1991 called Super RC Pro AM, shortly after came a sequel in 1992 for the Sega Megadrive which was basically an enhanced version of RC Pro AM. Continue reading